Self Reflection Challenge Day 1

Prompt: What are my core values and why?

Most of my problems, both physical and mental, have come from having a core as weak as Biden’s knees after smelling the sweet scent of lavender in an intern’s hair.

Your core provides balance and stability. It centers and grounds you. And most importantly, it allows you to move forward. Yet for most of my adult life, I have been as wobbly as a hammock on Jefferey Epstein’s sex submarine (google it).

Over the past year, and especially since lockdown, I have worked on building up both my physical and spiritual core. Yoga has been an excellent tool for both.

As I have journeyed inward, some truths have emerged from the ether. What do I value? I value my family and I value the countless sacrifices they have been made to put me in the position I am in today.

I also value truth. The search for knowledge, and more importantly for wisdom. The alignment of intention and action. The harmony between body and mind. The connection between self and others.

And finally, I value sincerity. Perhaps sincerity is just a flavor of truth, but if so it would be the proverbial Mango White Claw. I value the feeling of looking into the eyes of another and, even if just for a moment, stepping into their shoes. I value all that hides beneath the surface, past the trendy Instagram posts and social posturing. Raw, pure, human connection without any of the bullshit, guilt, or pretense. This is what I value.

Unfortunately, nowadays sincerity seems to be valued about as much as my Grandma’s collection of Disney VHS tapes. I cautiously hope that other Americans will have used this time of isolation to engage in similar introspection so that we may collectively grow as a nation. Regardless, I’ll keep doing my part and I hope you will join me.

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