Self-Reflection Challenge Intro

I am a writer.

The lawyer in me wants to dismiss this as nonsense. I haven’t written anything of substance in at least six months, and what little I have written has only ever been seen by geriatric judges and over-worked lawyers.

But the yogi in me rebels. I may not write formally, but I do flex my creative muscles. I ad-lib jokes all day. I dream up entire worlds in my mind, scenarios both foreign and familiar. I make business and career plans that burn out with every joint. Though I may not put finger to (likely greasy) keyboard , I certainly have the talent necessary to do so.

Even more fundamentally, I know there exists a simple truth: I already am all that I desire to be. I am a writer, I am capable, I am motivated. The simplicity of this statement belies both its power and its Because once we recognize this truth, we realize that the only thing standing between our dreams and our reality is our selves.

And so, it’s time for intention to meet reality. Every day for the next month I will craft a response to a different self-reflection prompt. By the end, I hope to achieve several things: increased self-awareness, mental clarity, discipline, and inspiration. I also hope that forcing myself to write this blog will spur me to move on to more sophisticated writing projects, such as analysis pieces and maybe even a screenplay. Worst case scenario I spend one hour less a day raging at n00bs on Among Us.

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